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oopenWARP_designer_1_7_11.exe openWARP designer
Configuration program to generate Macros for: Warping, Blending and Compositing

version: v1.7.11 / 7.4 MB / see details
openWARP_designer_userguide.pdf openWARP designer User Guide.

version: v1.14 / size: 2.3 MB / language: english
openWARP_manager_1_1_07.exe openWARP manager
Software simple communication with te openWARP combiner

version: v1.1.07 / 4.2MB / see details
openWARP_timing_calculator.exe openWARP timing calculator
Useful program to calculate video-timings

version: v1.0.04 / 4.1MB / see details openWARP testimage
Software for presenting testimages

version: v1.0.02 / 0.2MB / see details openWARP dongle assistant
Tool to check and update openWARP USB-dongles

version: v1.0.01 / 0.3MB / see details openWARP netlock client and server
software for genlocking cluster nodes with standard graphic cards

version: v1.0.04 / 0.8MB / see details
openWARP_netlock.pdf openWARP netlock User Guide.

version: v1.0 / 0.3MB / language: english

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