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openWARP combiner


The openWARP combiner is a multi-input, control device which allows to combine several graphic or video inputs to one or more outputs. The openWARP combiner offers a wide range of effects such as geometry correction (warping), video overlay, softedge blending, hot spot correction, realtime channel switching and more.

With openWARP it is possible to build highly flexible and cost effective virtual reality render clusters and display systems for multimedia presentations or video installations.


Virtual Reality
  • Multiwall installations
  • Panoramic displays
  • 3D-Stereo visualisations
  • Architecture visualisation
  • High performance Simulations (Car-, Flight-simulation)
  • Theme parks, museums
Scientific Simulation
  • Medical visualisations
  • Urban planning
  • Weather reports
  • Oil and Gas exploration
Augmented Reality
  • Medical imaging
  • Surgical simulators
  • Training
Video Streaming
  • Immersive- / Digital-
  • Theatres or Planetarium presentations


  • 8 user-defined DVI-D inputs up to SXGA+ (1400x1050 @ 60Hz)
  • 4 user-defined DVI-D inputs up to UXGA (1600x1200 @ 60Hz)
    Fully scalable to desired output resolution
  • 4 DVI-D / RGB Outputs (Digital Output up to 2k Resolution)
Image Operations
  • Realtime highly flexible Image Warping (fifth-order polynomial based Geometry Distortion)
  • Edge-blending
  • Pixel accurate synchronization of all inputs
  • Image scaling and deinterlacing
  • Image combining / compositing (z-order overlay, mask overlay, chroma keying)
  • User defined transparent or nontransparent overlays
  • Pixel accurate defining of position and size of windowed inputs

Principle / Images

cylindrically screen example (see references for more details)

cylindrically screen example (see references for more details)

3 channel flight simulator and key image on curved screen (see references for more details)

4k (4096x2100 pixel) overlay example (see references for more details)

general internal design structure

example configuration
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