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openWARP designer


The openWARP designer is a configuration program to generate Macros for: Warping, Blending and Compositing

For detailed information please check the User Guide

License / Pricing

Please ask here about price informations.
You need a USB dongle to run the software.


screenshot designer
openWARP designer desktop
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version history

OWD-v1.7.11 / 26.04.2008
- implement linear blending curvature
- some small bugfixes...

OWD-v1.7.10 / 25.11.2007
- Bugfix custom resolution
- new function 'upload all channel' in WarpAssistant
- new direct macro calls in process submenu

OWD-v1.7.09 / 07.11.2007
- ColorGrid for Alpha-Layer Clear-Color
- auto-upload function in Warp-Manager
- changed Default-Values for:
- overwrite macro (now alway allowed)
- warp destination (now BOTH)

OWD-v1.7.08 / 20.10.2007
- Grids now stores channel specific intern
- Direct Channel-selection fron context menu in grid-window

OWD-v1.7.07 / 25.09.2007
- Bugfix Channelselect in BlendingAssistant
- Bugfix Mask-Editor color detection
- Warpmap match function implemented

OWD-v1.7.06 / 16.09.2007
- some changes in the Warp-Assistant

OWD-v1.7.05 / 06.09.2007
- New Feature: Mask-Editor for uploading of user Masks in Alpha Layer

OWD-v1.7.04 / 05.09.2007
- grid dimension as headerline now also in txt-files with absolute gridpositions possible
- additional ENDSAVE reduced
- designer TCPIP-remote-control revised
- bugfix in grid-load procedure (relative grid loading)

OWD-v1.7.03 / 02.09.2007
- changes in the building of the 3D-Grid
- auto adjust rubber-band radius after changing output resolution

OWD-v1.7.02 / 28.08.2007
- auto-append IMAGE- or ALPHA- Layer to Warpmap-Macroname (as an option)
- blendWAIT to solve Timing problems during writing of blendings
- New Tool: Blending Assistant
- New Tool: Warp Assistant
- Speedup Upload of Warpmaps and Blendings
- Send multiple 'ENDSAVE' Commands to avoid unclosed Macros.

OWD-v1.6.14 / 20.08.2007
- extended remote grid functions
- bugfix in blending and masking drawing
- adjustable output phase (expert option)

OWD-v1.6.13 / 22.07.2007
- txt based grids can include grid dimensions within the first row
- HotButton for downloading macros from device
- Reset blending / masking in grafic-window now working
- Blending- and Masking-Values now in absolut-values for the blending width.

OWD-v1.6.11 / 17.06.2007
- identification function for selected channel in warping window implemented
- added hint in resolution setting file
- added 4 USER resolutions in resolution setting file
- implemented rubber band function for grid modification
- change panning-visualization pattern in warping window
- implemented 'discard if the macro already exist' function
- check connection before upload implemented
- SpeedButton for 'download actual paramter' implemented
- Scan Current selected Channel, Version and revision with each new connection
- Automatically set straight or combine Mode

OWD-v1.6.10 / 7.06.2007
- combiner - mode option in GeneralOption-Window
- specific timing and resolution options now in "OW_settings.ini" File
- display resolution in Warp-Grid-Window (upper left corner)
- 2D rebuild in 3D-grid now based on pure grid

OWD-v1.6.9 / 23.04.2007
- Rotate Keymapping implemented
- Bug in source-target inert function fixed
- append channel number to macroname for more windows

OWD-v1.6.8 / 22.04.2007
- Keymapping (horizonztal and vertical inversin) for grid movements implemented (option window)
- added source selection for grid rotation

OWD-v1.6.7 / 17.04.2007
- Bugfix in Warpmap shift options (expert mode)
- Alert in Color Correction if "use LUT" is not enabled
- 'invert LUT' function implemented in Color Correction Window
- Name change without reboot in Device Option Window
- different fit methods implemented in Warp Option Window (least square, max absolut, max square)

OWD-v1.6.6 / 13.04.2007
- 'coner-shift' function implemented in Grid Function Window

OWD-v1.6.5 / 10.02.2007
- 2D rebuild feature for 3D grid
- no rebuild of warpgrid (nothing) as new default value
- relative grid interpretation as new default value
- floatingpoint calculation established
New internal Grid structure!
Old .grd files are not longer supported.
Load instead of .grd the .txt files #
- Enter in first connection window now starts connection
- device option window established (device -> device options...)

OWD-v1.6.4 / 09.12.2006
- enter-key start function in Warp-function window
- no Base-Setting changes in Alpha-Layer Window
- Correct Settig for LUT enable / disable
- custom resolution for windowsizes possible

OWD-v1.6.3 / 12.11.2006
- Timing-Adjust Window added
- Export Fit calculation added
- jpg-images can be used as background in Warp-Grid-Window

OWD-v1.6.1 / 26.10.2006
- new autosave warpmap defaultvalue: false

OWD-v1.5.17 / 10.10.2006
- Check Connection disabled because it does not work
- Several Initial Directiorys now saved in INI-File

OWD-v1.5.15 / 16.09.2006
- New: Buttons to set the position of the selected gridpoint as center of symetry in the Fit-Options of the Warp-Window.
- Modification: New Method for connection-check with every new macro
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