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openWARP manager


The openWARP manager allows basic network communication with the openWARP combiner.
Basic configurations like IP-Adress, Device name, Serial ID of a combiner can be configured.
It is also possible to define a GUI for easy acces to defined macros. With this GUI, you can directly switch between diffent settings like diffent geometry corrections, Keying functions or channel configuration.

To generate the required macros for different configurations, you need the openWARP designer.


screenshot manager configuration screen
configuration screen
(click to enlarge)

screenshot timing calculator output
GUI for easy acces to configured macros
(click to enlarge)

screenshot timing calculator output
OWL command window
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The openWARP timing manager is free and is shipped with every openWARP combiner.
You can use the software without paying a license fee. No dongle is needed to run the software.
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